What are the benefits of taking AP courses?

There are multiple benefits of taking AP courses during High School.

  • AP courses give credits, so you do not need to take them in College. For example, some students who have enough Math, AP Calc AB+BC, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Physics, AP Lang which can easily shave off 1 year of college. 
  • By doing AP courses in High School saves you money because your graduation time will be reduced .
  • Most Colleges accept APs ,except Ivy colleges but Ivy colleges still expect you to take APs to see academic rigor . 
  • There are APs for most majors including non STEM majors, so take the APs which are related to your major in college, this helps to understand the courses in college easily and will keep student’s college journey smooth. 
  • One question which is frequently asked is “Do colleges accept applications from students who didn’t do any APs?” and the answer is,  Colleges accept applications but AP kids stand out in the selection process. Any college will select students without APs, it’s not mandatory. But it’s a rat race out there and in order for a student to stand a chance in highly selective colleges, APs are a way of showing rigor in curriculum.
  • AP students don’t struggle a lot in college as they have experienced the rigorou of the curriculum. APs follow a rigid curriculum that mimics college courses fairly closely if not completely. If a student can handle a college course in high school then the chances of graduation are pretty high. 

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