How to be prepared for university?

It’s a big dream for any student to get into Ivy League college, or a good ranking college, the preps for which are done since middle school. Be it math, logical thinking, sports, volunteering, extracurricular activities every child gives everything they have to achieve this till the time they are ready for University admission.

But what is it that can push your application over other students, anyone and everyone will be doing similar things that you intend to do or have already done. Attending classes with steep syllabus, long list of activities or community service and long list of achievements are on everyone’s admission essays or resume. All these are so compactly packed in the student’s life that they don’t have space to breathe.

If we pot a plant and stuff it with good soil, fertilizer and water it, the plant will never grow as it lacks the main ingredient, oxygen. Similarly if the student crams his day with many activities but does not have space for self grooming, mental health, interpersonal relationship, affability, compassion for others you as a person will never top the list.

A student should always remember that activity and productivity are not the same things. You have to give it your best shot, do just 1 activity but give it your 100% rather than being Jack of all trades. Pursue those things you are curious about, they will propel you to reach your goals faster as you will be doing things that you like.

SAT, PSAT or ACT scores will be considered so just focus on scoring a decent score. Prioritize your university selection, but keep backup plans for college B or even C. In today’s world of uncertainty, it’s better to be prepared for the worst.

Finally start working on your admission essays from the beginning. This takes time to draft, compile and get feedback from all of them who have influenced you. The turnaround time can delay the completion.

Keep a close tab on all the financial aids that can be availed, apply well in advance for the same.
Keep all the recommendation letters etc ready. Most importantly keep the application last dates in mind and be sure to apply before deadlines. With all these tools any student gets University ready with the support of peers, teachers, parents and well wishers.

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