Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do I need to register to access the information on the website?
    • Brief snippets of the pages can be accessed once the user visits www.gradachiever.com, however, to read the detailed content one has to register/login.
  • Does this website cater to students aspiring to get admission in the US only?
    • Yes, however, this does support International and US students. 
  • Where do I listen to the podcast ?
  • Does this website generate any revenue for GradAchiever?
    • This website is hosted by GradAchiever team and does not have any service charge to the registered members, There is no advertising or sponsorship for the website. The website is developed solely for the community and does not have any revenue-generating model currently. 
  • Is there any fee for membership to the website?
    • The users can register and can get access to the content without any service fee.
  • Is my personal data secured?
    • We take pride to confirm that your data is not shared with any third party and is secured and encrypted. 
  • What is unique about our website?
    • This is a one-stop solution for getting all the information in one place and easy navigation.
  • Where can I find Summer Internship/Volunteering/Scholarship on your website?
  • Where can I find the latest Events on your website?
  • Where can I find the groups for all the college-related discussions?