Mastering AP Physics 1 in 2023: Your Comprehensive Curriculum


Unit 1: Kinematics

The key topics in kinematics include motion in one and two dimensions.

Discuss the concepts of displacement, velocity, and acceleration.

Highlight the importance of graphical analysis in understanding motion.


Unit 2: Dynamics

The fundamentals of forces, Newton’s laws of motion, and friction.

The application of force diagrams (Free Body Diagrams) in problem-solving.

Emphasize the concept of equilibrium.


Unit 3: Energy

The principles of work, energy, and power.

Discuss the conservation of mechanical energy.

Provide examples of energy transformations and calculations.


Unit 4: Momentum

The concept of momentum and impulse.

The law of conservation of momentum.

Discuss collisions and how momentum is applied in real-world scenarios.


Unit 5: Circular Motion and Gravitation

Describe circular motion, centripetal force, and angular momentum.

Discuss the law of universal gravitation.

Explore the application of these concepts in celestial mechanics.


Unit 6: Oscillations and Waves

The Simple harmonic motion, simple harmonic oscillators, and pendulums.

Discuss wave properties, including frequency, wavelength, and wave behavior.

Explore the connection between oscillations and waves.


Unit 7 : Torque and Rotation Motion

The Rotational Inertia

Torque and Center of Mass

Rotational Kinematics and Angular Momentum

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