Deferred early action, how should i show my interest in the college?

If you have been deferred from early action and are still interested in attending the school, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of being admitted:

  1. Write a letter of continued interest: You can write a letter to the admissions office expressing your continued interest in attending the school and highlighting any new achievements or accomplishments since you applied.
  2. Update the admissions office on your academic progress: Make sure to send updated transcripts and test scores to the admissions office to show that you are maintaining a strong academic record.
  3. Get involved in the school’s community: Research and get involved in clubs, organizations, or events related to the school. This can show your enthusiasm for the school and demonstrate your commitment to being an active member of the community.
  4. Consider applying again during the regular decision round: If you are still interested in attending the school, consider applying again during the regular decision round. This may give you another opportunity to be considered for admission.

Overall, it’s important to stay engaged and show your continued interest in the school if you are hoping to be admitted. By taking these steps, you can demonstrate to the admissions office that you are a strong candidate and are committed to attending the school.

Get involved!


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