AP Tests Before/After College Admission

Students commonly choose to take AP classes and exams throughout the duration of their high school years, in accordance to when schools offer these courses. While it can benefit college applications to take as many APs as possible, it is also important for a student to consider their academic and emotional capability of taking courses, and must wisely choose when they want to take certain courses.

Taking AP classes and tests before applying to college means that students can attain their grades and exam scores before applying to college. This can help a student figure out their academic interests and thus be in pursuit of certain academic pathways. Higher grades and scores could potentially also add positively to a student’s college applications or resumés and therefore display a student’s academic competence. Unfortunately, though, a high school freshman, sophomore, or even junior may not be ready for certain AP courses and may struggle with the stress of keeping up with the coursework. This is especially true when students are concurrently engaging in extracurriculars, handling other classes, or dealing with other life circumstances as they prepare for college admissions in senior year. They also may only be taking AP courses or exams for the purpose of impressing college admissions officers, which may not be the best motivator or incentive for academic success.

Taking AP classes or exams in senior year after the college admissions cycle is an alternative way. By this point, students do not have the added stress of applying to college and pursuing many other activities, and may have more time to dedicate towards working hard for AP classes and studying for AP tests. They also may be more academically capable and confident for delving into some of the more difficult AP classes or exams. However, senior year can also be difficult and it is easy to lose motivation when college decisions are made, which might not make it the most ideal time to begin entirely focusing on AP curricula.

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