Plan out summer of a High Schooler

An increasing number of selective colleges are beginning to scrutinize how applicants spend their summers during high school. A growing minority of selective summer programs select high-achieving high school students strictly based on merit. Several of these programs are offered for free or at relatively low costs and will prove an impressive addition to your college application. We’d discuss the most noted STEM, Business, and Pre Med track options with Summer programs, work, NGOs, volunteer, and related extracurricular activities. 

About Harpal

The college application journey is incredibly stressful for first-timers dealing with the number of moving parts, overwhelming deadlines, and uncertainty. As an immigrant parent of two high schoolers, Harpal has felt your pain. 

Harpal founded Success Koach with the vision to structure a tailored guidance plan for students across four years, with milestones, KPIs, proven strategies, and periodic check-ins.

Harpal is a certified Independent Education Consultant with credentials from UC San Diego and Stanford. He is a member of the IECA governing body of education counselors.

Date: 11th Dec 2022

Where: Zoom

Time: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM PDT

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6 thoughts on “Plan out summer of a High Schooler”

  1. Monica says:

    Sorry will miss it as I am traveling that day, but will watch the recording

  2. Vidya Chitlur avatar Vidya says:

    Hi Harpal,
    I’m planning to add this to my calendar. How do register for this event to get the zoom link?

  3. Meenu Bhasker avatar Meenu Bhasker says:

    My daughter is in 9th grade and wanted to know some opportunities intern
    Our visa is H4 so what kind of opportunity she could have

    1. Your daughter would qualify for all unpaid internships or paid pre collegiate summer programs like COSMOS that held at universities.

  4. Surbhi Gupta avatar Surbhi Gupta says:

    Recording is available at (Registration is required to view podcast page)

  5. Hi Vidya, the recordings are available from this link:
    If you have any related follow-up Qs, feel free to send me a note, and we can connect offline.

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