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Date: June 15th and 16th, 2024
Time: 9:00am to 10:00am PST

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Understanding various career paths and educational trajectories in cybersecurity is crucial for high school students as it opens doors to exciting and fulfilling career opportunities in the future. By exploring different cybersecurity career options, students not only gain valuable insights into this dynamic field but also set themselves on a path towards a rewarding and impactful career.

Day 1:

- Introduction

- Overview & why cybersecurity is important

- Roles and responsibilities

- Career paths

- Education paths

- Internships (Todo: Trupti)

Day 2:

Deeper dive into various security and privacy domains:

- Network Security

- Application Security

- Cloud Security

- Endpoint Security

- Data Security

- Identity and Access Management (IAM)

- Security Operations (SecOps)

- Incident Response and Forensics

- Threat Intelligence and Cyber Threat Hunting

- Risk Management and Compliance

- Secure AI/ML

- Cryptography

- Policy and program related alternate careers

Eligibility: Grade 8 and Up

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Trupti :

Trupti has 18 years of diverse experience, leading product security and privacy org in Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, Datadog and dynamic startups like Illumio. She is the founder of an open source project called TrueNil. It focuses on researching and solving data security and privacy in the LLM space. 

Trupti’s career journey is marked by cultivating high-performing teams, pioneering product security and privacy engineering strategies, and instilling a progressive mindset. She is seasoned public speaker and product security leader, she passionately imparts her insights to drive positive security impacts and mitigate organizational risks. Notably, she holds a patent for a secure and anonymous electronic polling solution. And today she is going to narrate a tale of how she transformed her cybersecurity career.

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