Extracurriculars and College Applications: What to Highlight?

Date: 1st Oct 2023

Time: 11:00am to 12:00PM PDT


Missed the podcast? Don't worry , we got you covered. Recording will be available at link below.


Christian Labrador is the lead consultant and founder of Non Finis Consulting. He started the company because he vividly remembered the stress and pain caused by college admissions and wants to relieve that stress from others.

Through working with students, he knows how to find students’ passions, align those passions with their college interests, and locate schools that best fit the student to ensure growth, success, and happiness.

Also, while at Brown University, he reflected upon the added difficulty of the college recruiting process, despite being recruited as a golfer. By being interviewed and receiving offers from multiple colleges, along with applying and getting accepted to numerous schools, Christian has the experience needed to help guide those looking to embark on the challenging journey of being a student while also an athlete at the highest level.

Deeya Prakash

Deeya Prakash is a second year student at Brown University in the PLME program, studying English/Nonfiction. After completing her college admission process, she was accepted to several Ivy League and T20 schools on full-ride merit scholarships, as well as several BS/MD programs. This past year, she was an independent academic consultant, and her students have committed to schools such as University of Pennsylvania, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, UNC Chapel Hill, and University of Michigan. Deeya is passionate about helping students conquer the application and essay writing process— she is very passionate about writing, and has competed and won several national and international writing competitions as well as published her work in several publications. With her love for English and her desire to demystify the college process, she hopes to help students communicate their passions and ideas through essays in the most efficient and empathetic way possible.